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Head of the Eurogroup Paschal Donohoe: "We Have to Recognize How Quickly Things Can Change"

It has been a bad couple of weeks for banks in the U.S. and Europe. In an interview, Eurogroup head Paschal Donohoe discusses the possible dangers facing the euro area and why he remains confident.

SVB's European Shockwaves: Silicon Valley Brings Disruption to Global Finance

Rising interest rates have plunged the financial markets into turbulence. Regional banks in the U.S. are facing bank runs while in Europe, Credit Suisse is on the brink. Is a new global financial crisis coming?

Germany's Migration About-Face: Berlin Seeking to Recruit Skilled Labor from Africa

For years, many Germans were frightened by the idea of economic immigrants from Africa. Now, though, Berlin has begun to proactively recruit them. It is a drastic change from a history of skepticism.

Interview with Yulia Navalnaya: "It Is Putin Personally Who Is Keeping Alexei in Prison"

Yulia Navalnaya has been unable to visit her husband for 13 months now. On Sunday, a documentary film about the Russian opposition leader won an Oscar. In an interview, she discusses the dangers Alexei Navalny faces in prison and her hopes for Russia's future.

The Black Sea Region Is Suddenly Cast in Geopolitical Spotlight

For many years, the Black Sea was largely ignored by geostrategists. But with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its aggressive posturing elsewhere in the region, countries along its shores find themselves on a dangerous fault line. How are they dealing with their belligerent neighbor?

Support for Russia's War Economy?: A German Auto Parts Supplier Raises Eyebrows

German auto parts supplier Schaeffler is selling its factory in Russia. But a letter to the Russian president and a questionable loan are raising questions about the role of a Russian oligarch in the deal – and whether the plant could supply parts to Putin's war machine in the future.

Moscow Mole: The Story Behind Germany's Embarrassing Intelligence Leak

From the shores of a lake near Munich to a brothel in the German capital city and a brasserie in Moscow: It is one of the biggest intelligence scandals in Germany's postwar history. How was Russia able to pilfer information about Ukraine from Berlin's most accomplished spy organization?

Timothy Snyder on the Ukraine War: "In Russia, Will Is Placed over Reason"

Historian Timothy Snyder is one of the best and most argumentative experts on Ukrainian history. In an interview, he explains why he considers fears of a nuclear strike by Vladimir Putin to be irrational – and how the war in Ukraine might end.

Superpower Posturing: Fears Grow of New Cold War Between U.S. and China

China and the United States are lurching from one crisis to the next. It's not just deep economic interdependence that is at stake, but also global peace. Is there still a way out of this downward spiral?

Thwarting Vladimir Putin: The Ukrainian Economy Just Keeps On Going

Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to plunge Ukraine into darkness and cold this winter. But the country's economy continues to survive, and supermarket shelves are full. How has Ukraine managed to do it?

Data on Russia's Dead: The Deaths Vladimir Putin Is Keeping Quiet

Russian volunteers are searching through graveyards, archives and the internet to determine how many of the country’s soldiers have actually died in Ukraine. A database they helped build provides some astonishing insights.

Dubious Alliance: How Present Is the Far Right in Germany's New Peace Movement?

Putin’s war in Ukraine is unsettling many in Germany. A new peace movement is forming in the country, but it is stirring up the ghosts of German history – and has an open flank to the extreme right.

Kaja Kallas: Estonia's High-Profile Prime Minister - a Star in the Making

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas warned early on about the dangers presented by Vladimir Putin. She has raised the profile of her small country in other ways too.

The Special Tribunal Debate: "An Arrest Warrant Against Putin Would Be Immense"

In the debate in Berlin over Ukraine, many are concerned that by supplying weapons, Germany has become party to the war. In an interview, international law expert Claus Kress dispels false arguments and discusses how Russian President Vladimir Putin could be brought to justice.

The War in Ukraine: China Is Reportedly Negotiating with Russia To Supply Kamikaze Drones

The U.S. and Germany have warned China not to deliver weapons to Russia. According to information obtained by DER SPIEGEL, however, Beijing and Moscow are said to be negotiating the purchase of 100 strike drones, which could be delivered as soon as April.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Heroes: Ukraine's Best Respond to the Earthquake in Turkey

Rescue workers from Ukraine have been working nonstop since the Russian invasion to save civilians from the ruins of their buildings. After the earthquake in Turkey, though, some of them took a break from the war to help out in the disaster zone.

"Russia Is Good at Cheating"

In an interview, Vladyslav Vlasyuk, sanctions adviser to the Ukrainian government, accuses Russia of fudging economic statistics and calls on the West to drastically lower the oil price cap.

"This Here Is Hell": A Visit to the Front in Bakhmut

As the West continues to debate how many modern tanks should be delivered to Ukraine and when, soldiers in Bakhmut continue to rely on their Soviet-era weaponry. But how much longer can they hold out? A visit to the front lines.

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